While She Sleeps

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While She Sleeps

Artist : While She Sleeps

Songs : 14

Added on : 22/08/2017

7.8M 181.3K 3K

List of all songs sung by this artist

Steal The Sun

2M 29.2K 794

Silence Speaks (Alternative Version)

315.9K 13.2K 155


2.5M 54.8K 889

Haunt Me

827.4K 19.9K 298

The Guilty Party

305.2K 9.3K 132

The Guilty Party

942.8K 26.2K 425


409K 15.3K 181

I've Seen It All

116.8K 2.2K 24

Gates Of Paradise

81.1K 2.7K 23


68.7K 1.4K 11

Back Of My Mind

46.4K 1.5K 7

So What?

98.5K 2.2K 28

Set You Free

89.5K 1.8K 22

Good Grief

53.4K 1.7K 21