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Artist : Westlife

Songs : 61

Added on : 21/11/2015

50.6M 889.4K 14K

List of all songs sung by this artist

Uptown Girl

20M 120.9K 5.6K

My Love

82.7K 1.4K 56


55.9K 903 16

Nothing's Going To Change My Love For You

812.8K 7.1K 170

It's You

425.7K 1.5K 54

I'll See You Again

121.2K 1.7K 140

I'm Already There

131.9K 2K 59


157.1K 2K 65

When I'm With You

141.6K 2.3K 85

All Out Of Love

77.4K 1.6K 54

Let There Be Love

76.1K 2.8K 110

The Way You Look Tonight

64.3K 2.1K 28

Come Fly With Me

27.9K 1.1K 32

Mack The Knife

24K 961 24

I Left My Heart In San Francisco

27.5K 820 17

Summer Wind

23.3K 786 23


17.4K 598 21

When I Fall In Love

37.9K 1.2K 31

Moon River

24.6K 849 18

That's Life

28.1K 880 26

Somebody Needs You

233.4K 5.9K 77

Angels Wings

45.9K 1.8K 27

Puzzle Of My Heart

374.3K 5.8K 54

Dreams Come True

40K 1.5K 27

No Place That Far

63.9K 2.3K 24

Close Your Eyes

223.4K 6.2K 58

You Make Me Feel

70.9K 2.9K 35

Hello My Love

16.8M 324.4K 4.3K

Loneliness Knows Me By Name

254.5K 8K 51

Fragile Heart

295.5K 10K 86

Every Little Thing You Do

222.1K 7.5K 55

Don't Get Me Wrong

113.7K 5K 50

That's Where You Find Love

473.5K 10.7K 86

She's Back

74.7K 3.1K 50


149.9K 4.6K 72

Colour My World

69.1K 2.7K 40

In This Life

387.7K 6.7K 65

Heart Without A Home

91.3K 3.6K 34

Hit You With The Real Thing

44.6K 1.8K 32

Change Your Mind

60.2K 2.2K 25

Maybe Tomorrow

532.9K 11.5K 103

Have You Ever

130.9K 4.5K 30

Catch My Breath

77K 2.7K 29

The Easy Way

43.2K 1.5K 27

Pictures In My Head

78K 3K 28

You Must Have Had A Broken Heart

97.9K 3.2K 31

Beautiful Tonight

82.9K 2.8K 44


68.4K 2.5K 49

I Will Reach You

23.7K 1.8K 14


89.2K 3.9K 29

Tell Me It's Love

80.2K 3K 28

I Get Weak

66.1K 2.9K 22

Before It's Too Late

59.4K 2.4K 34

Better Man

6M 239.6K 1.5K

No One's Gonna Sleep Tonight

58.8K 2.3K 20

Difference In Me

291.3K 11.3K 77

I Will Reach You

256K 8.7K 45

Total Eclipse Of The Heart

91.4K 4.8K 45


81.6K 4.5K 41

You Are So Beautiful (To Me)

36.1K 2.2K 22

Have You Ever Been In Love

1 1 1