S Wavey X M Dargg X Jboy

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S Wavey X M Dargg X Jboy

Artist : S Wavey X M Dargg X Jboy

Songs : 11

Added on : 08/08/2016

3.6M 58.8K 1.4K

List of all songs sung by this artist

The Block

401.9K 4.8K 196

All Of Them

179.4K 2.9K 127

Do It Like

696.9K 8.6K 263

How Far

268.5K 4.2K 161

Do It Like (Remix)

640.4K 11.2K 171

F*** It

668.5K 10.6K 187

Grizzy Flow

374.9K 5.7K 144


98.2K 2.9K 36

Knucks Style

80K 1.9K 52

Let Me Know

101.9K 2.6K 54


96.6K 3.4K 58