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Artist : Queen

Songs : 35

Added on : 02/11/2016

56.1M 747.6K 15.8K

List of all songs sung by this artist

My Fairy King

274.7K 3K 147

A Kind Of Magic

6.9M 41.6K 1.6K

Thank God It's Christmas

1.2M 20.2K 461

We Will Rock You

1 1 1

We Will Rock You

3.5M 35.1K 1.1K

Another One Bites The Dust

2.8M 34.4K 574

Don't Stop Me Now

1.7M 22.9K 454

I Want It All

1.3M 16.1K 325

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Live)

1.8M 21K 435

Radio Ga Ga

3.7M 46.9K 912

Bohemian Rhapsody

15.7M 187.9K 4.8K

Somebody To Love

1.6M 20.1K 362

We Are The Champions

573.7K 9.2K 163

Parallel Lines

693.5K 14.6K 205

We Will Rock You (Raw Sessions Version)

502.9K 11.4K 173

All Dead, All Dead Lyric Video

1.5M 33.5K 310

Under Pressure

302.6K 8.7K 112

Fat Bottomed Girls

3.4M 28.6K 702


349.1K 7.1K 109

You're My Best Friend

415.8K 9.1K 128

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

362.2K 8.9K 123

Seven Seas Of Rhye

1.7M 23.6K 224

Save Me

330.8K 7.7K 129

Bicycle Race

129.8K 5.4K 190

Play The Game

337.6K 6.9K 108

Back Chat

228.8K 5.8K 108

No One But You (Only The Good Die Young)

493K 16.1K 176

One Vision (Extended Version)

1 1 1

One Vision (Extended Version)

266.8K 5.9K 141

Body Language

170.7K 5.3K 257


316.5K 9.3K 143


266.3K 8.8K 114

The Miracle

389.8K 10.4K 234

Keep Yourself Alive

1.2M 28.9K 333

It's A Hard Life

1.1M 23.1K 201