Olly Murs

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Olly Murs

Artist : Olly Murs

Songs : 32

Added on : 21/11/2015

56.3M 642.9K 14K

List of all songs sung by this artist

Stevie Knows

2.5M 21.2K 773

Last Christmas

144.1K 4.1K 171

I Blame Hollywood

124.4K 3.2K 89

Ask Me To Stay

119.5K 2.7K 87

Don't Say Goodbye

88.9K 1.4K 30

Hold On

65.8K 1.1K 65


78.3K 1.4K 137

Change Is Gonna Come

149.6K 1.9K 109

Kiss Me (Vivid Remix)

210.6K 3K 174

You Don't Know Love

21.4M 143.3K 3.6K

You Don't Know Love (Cheat Codes Remix)

372.1K 7.9K 222

Love Shouldn't Be This Hard

356.2K 7.1K 72

Grow Up

12.5M 148.5K 2.7K

Back Around

2.6M 35.3K 392

Please Don't Let Me Go (Acoustic)

106.2K 2.6K 37

Troublemaker (Wideboys Club Mix)

56.5K 1.2K 37

Grow Up

211.3K 5.7K 167

Years & Years

2.8M 35.4K 596

Dear Darlin’

51.4K 1.1K 35

Heart Skips A Beat

51.9K 1.3K 17

You Don't Know Love

53.7K 1.4K 109

Years & Years

104K 1.7K 70


6.3M 80.4K 1.8K

Unpredictable (Acoustic)

937.5K 18.6K 204

Unpredictable (John Gibbons Remix)

206.4K 1.6K 120

Unpredictable (John Gibbons Remix)

204.7K 928 100


3.2M 61.5K 1.5K

Take Your Love

471.6K 10.7K 131

Mark On My Heart

193.9K 6.4K 71


89.6K 4.1K 70


402.5K 18.4K 264


140.2K 7.4K 69