Jorja Smith

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Jorja Smith

Artist : Jorja Smith

Songs : 15

Added on : 09/03/2017

93.1M 1.4M 22.3K

List of all songs sung by this artist

Beautiful Little Fools

9.7M 130.8K 2.5K

Teenage Fantasy

9.9M 152.6K 2.6K

On My Mind

399K 16.5K 235

On My Mind

23.3M 335.2K 5.4K

On My Mind (Preditah Vip Mix)

151.2K 2.9K 123

On My Mind (Acoustic)

1.4M 28.1K 248

Let Me Down

5.3M 67.8K 992

Let Me Down

8.7M 128.9K 3.1K

Blue Lights

26.6M 341.7K 4.7K

February 3Rd

2.1M 32.6K 449


1.9M 21.1K 300

Where Did I Go? (Live)

901.2K 23.3K 795

On Your Own

2.2M 55K 702

The One (High Contrast Remix)

476.2K 10.2K 221

Slow Down

99.7K 8K 37