Jonas Blue

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Jonas Blue

Artist : Jonas Blue

Songs : 50

Added on : 10/02/2016

1.8B 11.3M 322.1K

List of all songs sung by this artist

Perfect Strangers

555.5M 2.6M 74.1K

Perfect Strangers (Bump & Flex Remix)

465.2K 3.4K 294

Perfect Strangers (Acoustic)

17.5M 174.7K 2.9K

Perfect Strangers (Jerome Price Remix)

418.3K 3.6K 264

Perfect Strangers (Gregor Salto Remix)

548.3K 6.6K 354

By Your Side

88.8M 726.8K 13.9K

By Your Side (Zdot Remix)

842.5K 10.4K 500

By Your Side (Live)

802.1K 13.9K 324

By Your Side (Dc Breaks Remix)

147.6K 1.8K 268


572M 3.1M 112.7K

Mama (Offaiah Remix)

361.3K 5.8K 372

Mama (Dzeko Remix)

148.6K 3K 125

Mama (Club Mix)

485.2K 5.9K 178

Mama (Syn Cole Remix)

1.5M 21.3K 477

Mama Pola & Bryson Remix)

36.3K 663 130

Mama (Perplexus Remix)

64.4K 1.3K 80

We Could Go Back

699.4K 2.9K 152

We Could Go Back

15.5M 148.6K 3.4K

We Could Go Back (Acoustic)

544.4K 14.7K 260

We Could Go Back (Syn Cole Remix)

108.2K 2.3K 102

We Could Go Back (Julian Jabre Remix)

82.8K 1.4K 131

We Could Go Back (Todd Edwards Remix)

189.5K 1.5K 172

Hearts Ain't Gonna Lie

2.9M 61.9K 1K

Hearts Ain't Gonna Lie (Eden Prince Remix)

845.9K 3.8K 193


8M 135.7K 1.7K


326.8M 1.8M 60.8K


1.8M 8.8K 285

I See Love

25.3M 221.2K 4.9K


1.4M 6.3K 297

I See Love

1.2M 5.9K 189

Rise (Acoustic)

7M 176.7K 2.3K

Back & Forth

6.1M 33.7K 1.1K


377.9K 3.6K 84


15.1M 219.6K 3.1K


400.4K 2.5K 82


74M 446.9K 13.1K

Back & Forth

24K 2K 220

Back & Forth

10.3M 62.8K 2.8K

Back And Forth

61.6K 1.4K 54


2.9M 26K 505

Wherever You Go

2.8M 19.5K 665

Drink To You

1.6M 9.5K 292

Polaroid (Acoustic)

1.1M 44.4K 356

The Blueprint

74.7K 2.3K 73


263.4K 1.8K 75

The Blueprint Ep 12

51.2K 1.8K 57


24.4M 573.7K 9.2K

What I Like About You

1.2M 11.2K 192

What I Like About You

1.6M 39.7K 666

What I Like About You

202.7K 1.6K 40