James Arthur

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Artist : James Arthur

Songs : 45

Added on : 10/09/2016

1.6B 10.2M 266.6K

List of all songs sung by this artist

Say You Won't Let Go

919.1M 4.3M 129.3K

Say You Won't Let Go

1.6M 30K 2.9K


9.8M 70K 1.6K

Say You Won't Let Go

564.3K 18.1K 138

You're Nobody 'til Somebody Loves You (Raf Riley Remix)

62K 818 43

New Tattoo

463.3K 5.6K 264

Lie Down

293.2K 2.8K 123


244.4K 4.2K 111


4.6M 46.7K 767

Is This Love?

1.4M 20K 246


1.7M 20.7K 286

Certain Things

2.2M 26K 458

Say You Won't Let Go

20M 123.1K 2.9K

Safe Inside

33.3M 262.9K 6.3K

Say You Won't Let Go (Pascal Junior Remix)

454.8K 4.3K 150

Say You Won't Let Go (Pascal Junior Remix)

106.3K 1.2K 40

Can I Be Him (Sjur Remix)

606.6K 4.5K 164

Can I Be Him

102.1M 616.6K 13.8K

Sun Comes Up

11.7M 97.1K 2.7K

Sun Comes Up

1.7M 14.2K 438

Sun Comes Up (Steel Banglez Ft Mist Remix)

2.3M 15.1K 703

Sun Comes Up (Stripped Version)

12.1M 122.5K 2.3K

Sun Comes Up (Remix)

131.5K 1.4K 71

Sun Comes Up (Leon Lour Remix)

1.1M 23.4K 553

Sun Comes Up (Ofenbach Remix)

158.6K 1.9K 57

Sun Comes Up (Coldabank Remix)

154K 1.6K 65

Sun Comes Up (Murdock Remix)

290.2K 5K 196

Sun Comes Up

22.8M 181.4K 4.5K

Sun Comes Up (Tritonal Remix)

135.9K 1.5K 85

Sun Comes Up (Heyder Remix)

254.1K 2K 90


174.4M 1.1M 25.8K

Naked (Cade Remix)

1.7M 14.6K 342

Naked (Cade Remix)

398.5K 2.2K 87

You Deserve Better

14.2M 162.2K 2.7K

At My Weakest

7.9M 100.3K 1.5K

You Deserve Better

10M 155.5K 3.6K

You Deserve Better (Nightcall Remix)

1.1M 10.8K 266

Empty Space

9.5M 111.9K 1.7K

Empty Space

11M 190.7K 2K

Rewrite The Stars

3.2M 25.2K 1.1K

Rewrite The Stars

165.4M 1.6M 40.4K

Empty Space (Live)

4.1M 73.6K 761

Silent Night (Live)

317.7K 12.5K 152


450.6K 2.5K 82


721.7K 4K 97