Gorgon City

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Gorgon City

Artist : Gorgon City

Songs : 28

Added on : 13/12/2015

26.2M 280K 10.2K

List of all songs sung by this artist

All Four Walls

660.8K 7.6K 293

Blue Parrot

231.7K 2.8K 305

All Four Walls

4.6M 27.9K 858

All Four Walls (Remix)

96.7K 1.1K 140

All Four Walls (Remix)

39.5K 700 18

Impaired Vision

154.8K 2.1K 106

Impaired Vision

291K 4.2K 226


318.1K 3.8K 162

Zoom Zoom

1.1M 13K 442

Smile (Acoustic)

200.3K 2.5K 172


1.9M 23.3K 586

Real Life

5.9M 42.9K 1.1K

Real Life (Solardo Remix)

119K 2.1K 152

Real Life

3.3M 39K 1.8K

Real Life (Terrace Dub)

244K 4.9K 189

Real Life (Murdock Remix )

396.5K 2K 195

Real Life (Tom & Collins Remix)

105.3K 1.8K 73

Real Life (Acoustic)

53.9K 872 107

Grooves On The Vinyl

1.7M 29.4K 590


962.4K 12.8K 556


367.4K 3.3K 539

Go Deep

738.1K 13.9K 410

Hear That

611.3K 11.4K 237

Let It Go

282.5K 6K 174

Love Me

58.3K 1.6K 54

One Last Song

265.3K 2.9K 128

No More

387.4K 5.1K 117

Lick Shot

1 1 1