Gorgon City

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Gorgon City

Artist : Gorgon City

Songs : 29

Added on : 13/12/2015

29.6M 317.1K 11.5K

List of all songs sung by this artist

All Four Walls

664.2K 7.6K 293

Blue Parrot

235.5K 2.8K 319

All Four Walls

4.8M 29.2K 894

All Four Walls (Remix)

98.7K 1.1K 154

All Four Walls (Remix)

40.1K 714 18

Impaired Vision

154.8K 2.1K 106

Impaired Vision

294.7K 4.3K 228


323K 3.8K 176

Zoom Zoom

1.2M 13.2K 454

Smile (Acoustic)

202.5K 2.5K 172


1.9M 23.7K 600

Real Life

6.1M 44.3K 1.1K

Real Life (Solardo Remix)

121.7K 2.1K 153

Real Life

3.5M 40.7K 1.9K

Real Life (Terrace Dub)

250.5K 5K 203

Real Life (Murdock Remix )

399.3K 2K 209

Real Life (Tom & Collins Remix)

107.4K 1.8K 77

Real Life (Acoustic)

57.9K 924 108

Grooves On The Vinyl

1.9M 32.2K 624


1.1M 14.3K 594


374.4K 3.4K 546

Go Deep

865.1K 15.5K 456

Hear That

695.6K 12.2K 261

Let It Go

311.6K 6.2K 188

Love Me

63K 1.6K 58

One Last Song

283.3K 3.1K 136

No More

749.9K 7K 165

Lick Shot

696.4K 8K 238


764.6K 13.6K 566