George Ezra

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George Ezra

Artist : George Ezra

Songs : 20

Added on : 13/12/2015

274.5M 1.6M 80.2K

List of all songs sung by this artist

Don't Matter Now

8.7M 61.1K 2.1K

Don't Matter Now (Acoustic)

226.9K 4.3K 106


65.1M 335.8K 17.4K

Paradise (Acoustic)

352.8K 7.8K 109

Pretty Shining People

7.2M 48.4K 1.4K

Hold My Girl

7.7M 46.2K 1.2K


1.6M 14.7K 488

Paradise (Bakermat Remix)

231.5K 2.3K 135


140.8M 758.6K 41.3K

Shotgun (Kvr Remix)

358.2K 4.3K 182

Shotgun (Acoustic)

319.3K 6.7K 151


35.6M 255.7K 12.9K

Shotgun (Gerd Janson Remix)

63.3K 687 232

Shotgun (The Wild Remix)

686K 8.5K 259

Shotgun (The Wild Remix)

89.3K 1.9K 66

Hold My Girl

4.8M 66.8K 1.8K

Hold My Girl (Acoustic)

215.7K 7.4K 76

Hold My Girl (Kat Krazy Remix)

81K 2.6K 43

Hold My Girl (Martin Jensen Remix)

136.1K 3.6K 64

Hold My Girl (Martin Jensen Remix)

278K 2.4K 89