Dua Lipa

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Dua Lipa

Artist : Dua Lipa

Songs : 81

Added on : 02/03/2016

4.1B 30M 1.1M

List of all songs sung by this artist

Last Dance (Remix)

20.3K 199 2

Last Dance (Gold Remix)

1.3M 17.2K 439

Thinking Bout You

1.4M 20.1K 202

Hotter Than Hell

93.3M 552.8K 13.1K

Blow Your Mind

2.7M 32.1K 763

Blow Your Mind

206.5M 1.6M 44K

Blow Your Mind (Mwah) (Acoustic Version)

6.6M 486.9K 10.9K

Room For 2

3M 33.2K 626

Thinking 'bout You

2M 31.7K 377

Scared To Be Lonely

499K 8.9K 205


Be The One (Netsky Remix)

1.2M 14.9K 478

Scared To Be Lonely

1.4M 11.3K 313

Thinking 'bout You

26.6M 255.7K 3.7K

Be The One (Dawn Wall Remix)

89K 1.5K 58

Scared To Be Lonely (Brooks Remix)

1.5M 17.1K 439

Scared To Be Lonely (Joe Mason Remix)

302.3K 2.4K 111

Scared To Be Lonely (Acoustic)

52.3M 483.1K 8.5K

Genesis (Acoustic)

8.6M 100.7K 1K

Lost In Your Light

71.7M 419.9K 14.2K

Last Dance

1M 15.9K 226

New Rules

824.9K 16.3K 218

No Goodbyes

8.2M 49.5K 915


4M 30.2K 629


3.3M 28.6K 383


6.5M 40.2K 1K


4.3M 48.7K 657


2.9M 30.9K 482


7.4M 58.7K 934

New Love

867.5K 11.6K 195

Bad Together

4M 34.5K 452

New Rules

1.7B 9.3M 448.7K

New Rules (Robin Hustin Remix)

1.4M 16.3K 845

Hotter Than Hell (Heroless Remix)

47K 1.2K 44

New Rules (Cantaffa & Royd Remix)

322.2K 4.9K 206

New Rules (Alison Wonderland Remix)

98.7K 2.2K 152

New Rules (Tasev Remix)

27.2K 795 72

New Rules

4.2M 136.8K 1.7K

New Rules (Piano Acoustic)

1.1M 57.1K 704


2.6M 19.9K 677


464.2M 3.6M 134.9K

Idgaf (Jaydon Lewis Remix)

823.5K 11.8K 465

Idgaf (Bvrnout Remix)

649.3K 9.4K 383


14.7M 167.8K 2.7K

Idgaf (Cryjaxx & Marin Hoxha Remix)

1.1M 28.3K 668

Idgaf (Punctual Remix)

347.7K 3K 118


1.2M 3.4K 205

One Kiss

92.7M 866.8K 32.6K

One Kiss

483.4M 2.8M 142.2K


952.8K 35.5K 402

One Kiss (Jauz Remix)

916.8K 15.9K 690

One Kiss (Zhu Remix)

16.5M 55.2K 10.4K

One Kiss (Oliver Heldens Remix)

2M 32.4K 947

One Kiss (R3Hab Remix)

681.9K 13.9K 539

One Kiss (R3Hab Remix)

350.5K 10.9K 165

One Kiss (R3Hab Remix)

4.8M 44.7K 1.7K

New Rules (Skennybeatz Remix)

198.5K 3.8K 145

One Kiss (Valentino Khan Remix)

427.3K 9.4K 409

One Kiss (Jauz Remix)

170.9K 3.7K 166

One Kiss (Patrick Topping Remix)

148.1K 2.2K 384

One Kiss (Extended Mix)

952.5K 13.4K 698

Idgaf (Acoustic)

287.6K 14.1K 155

Idgaf (B-Case Remix)

283.2K 12K 327


144K 5K 355

Idgaf (Initial Talk Remix)

201.3K 5.9K 319

Idgaf (Diablo Remix)

145.2K 7.7K 139

Idgaf (Anna Of The North Remix)

62K 3.6K 127

Idgaf (Young Franco Remix)

120.7K 3.9K 138

Idgaf (Darius Remix)

203.7K 7.3K 310

Idgaf (French Demo)

1.2M 68.7K 1K


74.8M 722.9K 31.4K

Want To

1.9M 19.1K 533


11.7M 115.1K 5.7K

Idgaf (Live)

958.9K 37.1K 560


10M 55.9K 2.6K

One Kiss / Electricity (Live)

3.9M 121.7K 3.6K

Kiss And Make Up

89.9M 2M 45.7K

Electricity (Acoustic)

117.3K 3.5K 75

Kiss And Make Up (Beauz Remix)

834K 12.6K 314

Swan Song

15.6M 513.9K 15.9K

Swan Song

945K 52.8K 615