Calvin Harris

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Calvin Harris

Artist : Calvin Harris

Songs : 42

Added on : 06/06/2016

4.2B 20.9M 1.1M

List of all songs sung by this artist

This Is What You Came For (Robby East Remix)

772.2K 8.6K 203

This Is What You Came For

2.2B 7.4M 469.7K


8.6M 68.2K 4.2K

This Is What You Came For (Robby East Remix)

3.1M 20.9K 676

This Is What You Came For (Gioni Remix)

3.2M 40.6K 809

My Way

26.8M 387.2K 12.9K

My Way (Stvcks Remix)

35.3K 2.1K 36

My Way (Mööm Remix)

801.6K 4.7K 356

My Way

290.8M 1.7M 59K

My Way (Tiesto Remix)

99.6K 2.7K 193


779.4K 5.6K 682


10.2M 89.4K 3.2K

Hard To Love

3.5M 27.5K 4.2K


38.4M 286.7K 10.5K

Nuh Ready Nuh Ready

6.7M 74.2K 9.4K

One Kiss

92.7M 866.8K 32.6K

One Kiss

483.4M 2.8M 142.2K

One Kiss (Jauz Remix)

916.8K 15.9K 690

One Kiss (Zhu Remix)

16.5M 55.2K 10.4K

One Kiss (Oliver Heldens Remix)

2M 32.4K 947

One Kiss (R3Hab Remix)

681.9K 13.9K 539

One Kiss (R3Hab Remix)

350.5K 10.9K 165

One Kiss (R3Hab Remix)

4.8M 44.7K 1.7K

One Kiss (Valentino Khan Remix)

427.3K 9.4K 409

One Kiss (Jauz Remix)

170.9K 3.7K 166

One Kiss (Patrick Topping Remix)

148.1K 2.2K 384

One Kiss (Extended Mix)

952.5K 13.4K 698


139.1M 784.7K 36.5K


94.9M 691.7K 43.6K


131.7K 4.5K 63

Promises (Sonny Fodera Remix)

695.8K 15.9K 486

Promises (Live)

6.1M 83.4K 1.5K

Promises (David Guetta Remix)

1.3M 25.4K 933

Promises (Illyus & Barrientos Remix)

64.6K 1.4K 102

Promises (Sonny Fodera Disco Mix)

170.1K 3.6K 116

Promises (Franky Rizardo Remix)

47.2K 965 70

Promises (Mk Remix)

136.5K 2.3K 128

Promises (Mousse T.'s Disco Shizzle Remix)

1.1M 11.9K 473

Promises (Offaiah Remix)

45.3K 951 59

How Deep Is Your Love (Pascal Junior Remix)

77.4K 2.3K 109


16M 192.6K 6.9K


19.4M 283.4K 7K