Calum Scott

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Artist : Calum Scott

Songs : 35

Added on : 15/07/2016

729.9M 5.8M 114.8K

List of all songs sung by this artist

Dancing On My Own (Tiësto Remix/audio)

11.5M 81.9K 2.1K

Dancing On My Own (Tiësto Remix)

4.8M 52.4K 1.5K

You Are The Reason

20.6M 356.7K 3.9K

You Are The Reason

815.3K 50.2K 263

You Are The Reason

387.9M 2.6M 52.9K

You Are The Reason (Tiesto’S Aftr:hrs Remix)

229.8K 5.4K 148

You Are The Reason

263.5K 5K 170

You Are The Reason (Moti Remix)

96.7K 2.7K 90

You Are The Reason

3M 51.5K 1K

You Are The Reason (Duet Version)

160.3M 1M 27.5K

Good To You

1.3M 12K 186

Won't Let You Down

1.1M 9.9K 119

Stop Myself (Only Human)

1.3M 12.3K 143

If Our Love Is Wrong

8.4M 83K 1.3K

What I Miss Most

1.2M 11.5K 176

Only You

2.6M 20K 301

Hotel Room

1.1M 9.7K 133

Give Me Something

1.1M 9.5K 133

Come Back Home

8M 80.6K 1.2K

Not Dark Yet

1.3M 17.9K 358

What I Miss Most

23M 231.8K 3.5K

You Are The Reason

1.6M 25.4K 467

You Are The Reason

698.6K 13.6K 204

What I Miss Most

2.7M 46.3K 591

What I Miss Most

2.9M 57.7K 543

A Coming Out Story

789.7K 38.6K 649

No Matter What

2M 40.5K 527

No Matter What

5.4M 86.6K 791

No Matter What

65.7M 521.5K 11.2K

No Matter What

2.7M 78.3K 570

No Matter What (Fred Falke Remix)

74.7K 2.8K 104

No Matter What (Goldhouse Remix )

61.6K 3.1K 46

No Matter What

145.7K 4.9K 99


214.4K 6.1K 134

Undo (Acoustic)

205.7K 8.8K 136