Asking Alexandria

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Asking Alexandria

Artist : Asking Alexandria

Songs : 24

Added on : 12/03/2016

85.8M 1.1M 35K

List of all songs sung by this artist

Here I Am

810.7K 19.7K 478

Here I Am

953K 15.5K 315

Send Me Home

2M 27.9K 537

Circled By The Wolves

949.7K 13.4K 252

Here I Am

14.6M 191.4K 6.2K

Into The Fire

22.2M 244.5K 9.8K

Where Did It Go?

6.5M 67.3K 2.5K


778.1K 8.3K 2.2K

Rise Up

1.1M 11.4K 220

Hopelessly Hopeful

2.3M 14.6K 561

Alone In A Room

3.4M 32.9K 869

I Am One

1.1M 11.5K 285


1.5M 18.7K 400

Room 138

1.3M 12K 324


1.2M 11.3K 359

Under Denver

1.1M 8.7K 253

When The Lights Come On

1.5M 14.4K 355

Into The Fire (Acoustic Version)

5.3M 75.6K 1.3K

Alone In A Room

8M 110.9K 2.9K

Someone, Somewhere (Acoustic)

3.7M 60.1K 1.6K

Alone In A Room (Acoustic)

1.4M 22.5K 496

Alone In A Room (Acoustic)

3.1M 82.8K 1.6K


742K 31.9K 1.1K

Alone In A Room (Airmow Remix)

155.9K 6.9K 210