Ard Adz

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Ard Adz

Artist : Ard Adz

Songs : 30

Added on : 21/04/2016

22.8M 280.2K 8.2K

List of all songs sung by this artist

No Wahala

96.7K 1.5K 40

I See Fire Part 2

511.3K 6.2K 236


138.9K 2.5K 227

Call Me Dirty

1.9M 18.6K 1.1K

Don't Like We

125.6K 2K 163

Hella Kwengins

4.5M 36.6K 830

Bag Trap Stack

275.8K 4.5K 195

Back To Back

460.8K 7.3K 187

Realer Than Most

1.7M 15.2K 462


227.4K 3.5K 233

What Have I Become

2.3M 22.3K 690

G Style

641K 9K 264

Doing Dasheen

464.3K 7.4K 244


937.5K 11.5K 490


597.1K 9.2K 253

3 Amigos

578.6K 7.1K 206


119.8K 3.9K 85

Dirty's Pain

1.1M 10.9K 340

Fast Lane

644.4K 8.4K 198

My Ak

518.2K 7.4K 147

Oj With It

850K 10K 227

See The Sun More

918.6K 11.5K 220

Brother From Another

391.4K 8.3K 155

In & Out

1.1M 11.8K 220


301.2K 7.3K 166

Have You Ever

331.4K 9.1K 129

Smoke For Free

228.3K 4.8K 77

Plot Twist

279.7K 7K 84

Don't Die

286.4K 6.4K 110

Ye Freestyle

290.2K 8.8K 145