Ard Adz

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Ard Adz

Artist : Ard Adz

Songs : 31

Added on : 21/04/2016

24.5M 289.8K 8.6K

List of all songs sung by this artist

No Wahala

97.3K 1.5K 40

I See Fire Part 2

521.5K 6.3K 245


139.5K 2.5K 236

Call Me Dirty

2M 19K 1.2K

Don't Like We

126.4K 2K 172

Hella Kwengins

4.6M 38K 850

Bag Trap Stack

277.6K 4.5K 204

Back To Back

467K 7.4K 196

Realer Than Most

1.8M 15.5K 471


228.4K 3.5K 242

What Have I Become

2.4M 23.2K 710

G Style

657.3K 9.2K 273

Doing Dasheen

473.6K 7.5K 253


947.6K 11.6K 499


611.1K 9.3K 262

3 Amigos

588.7K 7.2K 215


120.2K 3.9K 85

Dirty's Pain

1.1M 11.2K 349

Fast Lane

665K 8.6K 207

My Ak

534.6K 7.6K 151

Oj With It

866.7K 10.1K 236

See The Sun More

952.9K 11.7K 227

Brother From Another

401.1K 8.4K 161

In & Out

1.2M 12.4K 242


321.8K 7.4K 175

Have You Ever

360.8K 9.3K 135

Smoke For Free

246.2K 4.9K 82

Plot Twist

302.1K 7.2K 93

Don't Die

409.9K 6.9K 133

Ye Freestyle

1M 12K 283


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