Ard Adz

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Ard Adz

Artist : Ard Adz

Songs : 32

Added on : 21/04/2016

27.2M 332.7K 9.7K

List of all songs sung by this artist

No Wahala

97.9K 1.5K 40

I See Fire Part 2

531.2K 6.5K 254


140K 2.5K 245

Call Me Dirty

2.1M 19.6K 1.2K

Don't Like We

127.1K 2K 181

Hella Kwengins

4.8M 39.4K 885

Bag Trap Stack

279.3K 4.5K 213

Back To Back

471.4K 7.4K 205

Realer Than Most

1.8M 15.9K 480


229.4K 3.5K 251

What Have I Become

2.5M 24K 731

G Style

678.6K 9.4K 282

Doing Dasheen

483.1K 7.5K 262


957.9K 11.7K 508


622.8K 9.4K 271

3 Amigos

596.3K 7.2K 224


120.6K 3.9K 85

Dirty's Pain

1.2M 11.4K 358

Fast Lane

684.6K 8.7K 216

My Ak

548.4K 7.6K 160

Oj With It

887K 10.3K 245

See The Sun More

1M 12.1K 239

Brother From Another

408.7K 8.4K 170

In & Out

1.3M 12.9K 250


334.1K 7.5K 184

Have You Ever

383.3K 9.5K 144

Smoke For Free

260.4K 5K 83

Plot Twist

314.3K 7.3K 102

Don't Die

432.8K 7K 136

Ye Freestyle

1.2M 12.7K 306


296.2K 7.4K 143


1.4M 29K 654