67 (Monkey X Dimzy X Ld)

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67 (Monkey X Dimzy X Ld)

Artist : 67 (Monkey X Dimzy X Ld)

Songs : 17

Added on : 12/02/2017

15.6M 218.2K 7K

List of all songs sung by this artist


4.4M 38.5K 1K

Beats Cypher

595.4K 8.9K 889

Before Tour

961.3K 13.4K 603

First Degree

589.9K 10.2K 744

Wat Up

722K 12.9K 407

The Glorious Twelfth

1.1M 19K 542

Lambeth Maps

376.9K 7.4K 205

Bang For Brodie

111.9K 2.4K 143

Most Wanted

1.3M 16.4K 359

This Side

1.8M 24.1K 652

Waps Came First #wcf

704.3K 10.2K 255

Pink Notes

467.7K 10.1K 330

She Wants

1.2M 15.3K 360

Street Love #dimthelights

391.6K 7.2K 103

Done Out Ere

184.3K 5K 117


235.3K 7.9K 87

4 Of Da Gang

400.1K 9.3K 214